Create Required Dynamic Elements

Before making the dynamic elements required, you must create a microapp with Personalization.

Editors creating dynamic elements for a microapp have the ability to mark any dynamic element as required. This ensures users fill out necessary dynamic fields before they can share a personalized instance.

Marking dynamic elements 'required'

  1. Go to the Builder
  2. Click the gear icon to open the Microapp Settings modal
  3. Click the Personalization tab
  4. Expand the dynamic element intended to be required
  5. There is a Required toggle at the bottom. Turn the toggle on

Once the toggle is turned on, you will see a red icon indicating this dynamic field will be required before sharing.


Updating 'required' dynamic elements in the viewer 

  1. Create an instance or view a previously created instance
  2. In edit mode, you will notice all required dynamic elements have a red icon, whether you are viewing from each microapp page or using the View all dynamic fields panel. You will also notice the Share button is disabled.
  3. Update each required dynamic element
  4. Click Share. Once all required dynamic elements in the personalized microapp have been updated the Share button will appear enabled.



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