Library Settings: Overview

Every library in your Tiled account will have it's own Library settings. The Library settings are a place to customize the following:

  1. General settings
  2. Welcome email settings
  3. Integration settings
  4. Privacy Management settings

Access the Library Settings

General Settings

Setting Description
Library Name The library name will appear at the top of your microapp library and along the global navigation.
Custom library avatar Set a custom image or .gif for your library.
Send external emails from (reply-to-address) Customize the Name and from email address when using sharing a microapp through direct share
Custom room url (for synced presentations) Generate a custom URL to share with others for remote presentations. 
Security Turn on to default new microapps to internal only. This will disable sharing of microapps in the library.
Broadcasting Turn on to enable presenter only mode by default.
Custom microapp landing experience Turn on to show a specific microapp at login, instead of the Tiled library.

Welcome Email Settings

Setting Description
Email Subject The Email Subject when users are invited to Tiled. The default message is, "Welcome to Tiled!"
Custom message The body of the email message when users are invited to create an account with Tiled.

Integration settings

Setting Description
Connected apps Connect your Tiled library with Hubspot or Adobe Marketo Engage.
API Keys For more information about using the Tiled API please review the API Documentation.


Privacy settings

Setting Description
GDPR settings

In order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you need to place a banner on the public facing web experience that external users will land on when viewing a microapp. For more information and best practices visit our support page. Turn on to Require user consent.

Disclaimer message Customize the banner. Default message: "We use cookies to give you the most optimized and memorable experience. By continuing to navigate in the microapp, you agree with our use of cookies."
Opt-out link Provide a link to allow a view to "opt-out".



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