Library Settings: Users & Groups

If you want to add one or more users to a single library, you can do so from the Users section of a specific library. New Users must be added to the Tiled account before they can be added from the Users page.

Add a Group to a Library

Groups help to maintain appropriate permissions for users within libraries. By adding users to groups you can ensure users in groups only have access to microapps that are published to those respective groups.

  1. Select the blue plus icon and select Create Group.
  2. Give the Group a name. Choose a name that best describes the type of users of this group.
  3. You can choose to nest a croup by selecting the checkbox.
  4. Click Create. Your group has been created and you can start adding members to the group.

Edit or Delete a Group

  1. Navigate to the Users page from the Library Navigation.
  2. Identify the Group you wish to delete.
  3. Select the three dot menu.
  4. Click Edit or Delete.
    1. Clicking Edit will give you the ability to rename the Group or nest it in another group.

Add a User to a Library

  1. Select the blue plus icon and select Add User.
  2. Select one or more users from the list and click Next.
  3. Choose a group and/or role to add the user(s) to. (Note: Users do not have to be added to groups to have access to microapps within a library. If a user is added to a library and a group is not deleted they will be added to a group called "No Group".)
  4. To finalize, select Add "X" users and they will be added to the library.



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