How to use assets from an asset library in the builder


Before you start using assets from the asset library in the builder, you must have at least one asset in your asset library. Follow these links to learn How to create a new Tiled asset library and upload assets and How to create an Adobe CC asset library and sync content.

How do I use an asset from one of my asset libraries?

1. Go to the builder

You will see a new tab called Libraries in the asset panel


2. Click the Libraries tab

You will see all of the assets from your asset libraries appear in the list

You will have the ability to filter by asset library and search for assets by name


3. Drag an asset to a page, state, or overlay or to a tile on the page, state, or overlay

You will see the asset appear in the Assets tab

Note: If an asset library asset is being used in a microapp and is later deleted from the asset library, the microapp will remain unaffected. The asset will remain listed in the asset panel's 'Assets' tab but no longer in the ‘Libraries’ tab.

Note: If an asset library asset is being used in a microapp and is later updated in the asset library, the user is required to publish in order to see the asset updated in their microapp. If the user does not publish after the asset is updated, the draft version of the microapp will appear updated but the published version will be unaffected.

The user will have the updated version of the asset available in the ‘Libraries’ tab.



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