Microapp Aggregated Analytics Overview

Before starting, make sure you are up to date with navigating the Engagement analytics section of the product.

Microapp aggregated analytics is a way for users to gain insights into how a microapp's pages and adaptive formats are performing. Users have the ability to compare and assess whether pages or adaptive formats need to be improved. 

How do I get to the microapp aggregated analytics data?

1. Go to the 'Engagement' analytics section of the product

2. Select any microapp

You will land on the microapp-level view of Engagement analytics

You will see the new microapp aggregated analytics section


Note: The date filter in the microapp-level view does not apply to the microapp aggregated analytics section of the page

How do I use the Activity By Page tab?

1. Select the Activity By Page tab

You will see three columns of information labeled Page, Views, and Avg. Duration

You will see the type of adaptive format for the microapp in the top right-hand corner

Note: Activity By Page represents each current page, overlay, and state in the microapp.

Note: Page thumbnails represent the most recent version of the page.

Note: Activity By Page is sorted by Avg. Duration descending by default.


2. Select Views

You will see the list sorted by most viewed pages or least viewed pages 

3. Select Avg. Duration

You will see the list sorted by the pages with the longest avg. duration or least avg. duration

Note: Average duration is calculated based on active duration. This means if a user is idle for over 5 minutes within the microapp, that idle time is not used to calculate average duration

Note: An arrow key will appear on the sort option being used indicating ascending or descending order.


4. Select one of the adaptive format icons

You will see the page information to update to reflect pages in the adaptive format selected

You will see the page thumbnails update to reflect the type of adaptive format

Note: If a microapp has more than one adaptive format their corresponding icons will all be listed in the top right-hand corner. Microapps with only one adaptive format will only see one option.

How do I use the Last User Activity tab?

1. Select the Last User Activity tab

You will see a list of recent activities by Tiled users for the microapp

2. Select one of the adaptive format icons

You will see Last User Activity update to reflect activity tied to the adaptive format selected

3. Select a recent 'Presented' activity

You will see an icon indicating you can select the recent activity to drill down

You will find yourself on pathway analytics for the Tiled user





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