How to use the global navigation bar


The Tiled global navigation bar allows you to access different features of the Tiled application. This navigation bar can be accessed from all Tiled pages, other than the microapp builder.

  1. Log into your Tiled account
    Note: You will land in the Library view and see the global navigation bar
  2. Select the various tab options to navigate different places in the product

    You shall see the clear labels to access the following areas of the product:
          • Microapps - Microapp library
          • Asssets - Asset library
          • Engagement - Engagement analytics
          • My Shares - your share information details
          • Profile avatar - displays a dropdown of options based on your permissions
            Note: If you are an Admin of Tiled, you will have access to settings related areas of the product displayed under your profile avatar.

The global navigation bar is responsive to screen size and will adjust for a more favorable experience 

  1. Reduce your screen size or utilize the mobile app
    Note: If you reduce the size of your screen, you will see the global navigation become responsive and display a hamburger menu.

  2. Select the hamburger menu

  3. Select the various tab options to navigate different places in the product
    Note: You will see the same tab options in a list view to help you navigate to different areas of the product
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