Password Protection FAQs



What is password protection?
Password protection is a new feature within Tiled that adds a layer of security to shared microapps, ensuring microapps can only be viewed with a password.

Who can enable password protection for a microapp?
Admins and Editors can only enable the password protection feature from the builder's 'Microapp Settings' modal.

Do I have to create or generate a password for each type of share link?
Yes, whether you are sharing a password-protected microapp as a direct share, public share, or subtag share you must include a password. You can create your own password or have the system generate a password for you.

If I share a password-protected microapp more than once can I use the same password?

Will my previously shared links for a microapp be impacted if this feature is enabled for a microapp?
No, if you shared a microapp prior to enabling this feature, that share link is still valid and users can use it to view the microapp without a password.

Can I send an email reminder for a password-protected microapp through the MyShares tab?No, currently you cannot send an email reminder for a password-protected share link through the MyShares tab.

To get started follow these links:
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