How to Use Hotspots


Adding a hotspot to your microapp

Adding a hotspot will help link all of your pages together to create an interactive MicroApp.

To add a Hotspot:
  1. Drag in the Hotspot Tile over from the panel on the right side
  2. Size it onto your page
  3. Once it's resized, choose a page or external URL to link in the panel that opens up to the left
  4. Choose if you'd like no transition or a fade transition


Tip: both hotspots and multi-hotspots can be copied and pasted in place throughout your microapp. 


Creating a multi-hotspot

Multi-hotspots are a great way to streamline your hotspots.

To create a multi-hotspot
  1. Drag hotspot tile over area covering your buttons
  2. Link to page
  3. Click on + however many times as needed for remaining links
  4. Choose whether to stack hotspots horizontally or vertically



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