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Adding a hotspot to your microapp


How To Create a Hotspot

Hotspots are a great way to be able to jump from page to page within your microapp in an interactive way.

  • Click on the hotspot tile from your gallery of tiles and drag it on top of the text where you want to create a link
  • Size it accordingly
  • In the flyout pop-up box for the hotspot, click the drop down and select the page or ‘target’ you want the hotspot to link to

Tip: both hotspots and multi-hotspots can be copied and pasted in place throughout your microapp. 


Creating a multi-hotspot

Multi-hotspots are a great way to streamline your hotspots.


How To Create a Multi-Hotspot

The ability to create multi-hotspots can save time when multiple hotspots are side by side or grouped together.

  • Drag and drop the hotspot tile and resize it to cover the section where the multiple areas are to be linked
  • In the flyout box click the ‘+’ and select whether you want the hotspots to align vertical or horizontal
  • You will then see a space dividing the original hotspot into two hotspots.
  • To add a third hotspot, click the ‘+’ again and you will see a second space dividing the hotspot into thirds
  • Resize as needed
  • Go into each target and select where that section of the hotspot needs to be directed 
  • You can also highlight the multi-hotspots and ‘copy/paste’ onto other pages.  This is especially helpful when creating a navigation or table of contents that is used throughout the microapp


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