How to Create a Microapp from PowerPoint


To create a microapp from PowerPoint:
  1. Create your PPT presentation
  2. When designing, you have the option to design for either Standard or Widescreen. Standard is best for content that will be viewed on a tablet, widescreen is best for content viewed on desktop
  3. Export PPT as a PDF
  4. Log into your account by visiting
  5. Click on the blue + sign icon on the right side
  6. Name your MicroApp and then choose which platform you are designing your MicroApp for
  7. Once you're in, drag your PDF on top of the white blank page or click on the + sign on the right side of the Asset library and add your PDF there
  8. Delete page 1
  9. Name all your pages
  10. Link pages together by using hotspots

For more tips, check out our articles about designing microapps and building from Powerpoint on our blog. 

Reach out to if you have any questions.
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