VIDEO: How to Create Your First Microapp


Getting started with Tiled is easy. This video will walk you through how to create your first MicroApp.

Are you using Powerpoint to design your microapp? Check out our article about building a microapp from Powerpoint.

Do you use Adobe XD? Try our plugin to sync pages and hotspots.

To create your first MicroApp
  1. Log into your account by visiting
  2. Click on the blue + sign icon on the right side
  3. Name your Microapp and then choose which platform you are designing your Microapp for
  4. Once you're in, drag your assets on top of the white blank page or click on the + sign on the right side of the asset library and add your assets there (if adding assets from PowerPoint, export as a pdf then drag pdf onto blank white page)
  5. Once your assets are in, drag your first asset onto the blank page. If you want the page to be background, drag it to the center, wait for the blue to appear, and then drop it in
  6. Link pages together by using our Hotspots
  7. It is helpful to name the pages on the left side so you know which page you're linking your Hotspots to

For more tips, check out our articles about designing and building microapps on our blog. 

Reach out to if you have any questions.


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