How to Access User Management


How to Access User Management

Tiled’s User Management feature allows administrators of Tiled accounts to manage user groups, user roles and user permissions.

Adding Groups 

  • Go to User Management
  • Click the +button on the right and click Add Group


  • Groups must be created first before users can be added to them
  • We recommend creating groups for your company’s teams or divisions; a group for Marketing; and/or a Test Group for publishing microapps
  • You can create an unlimited number of groups but we suggest keeping it simple
  • Okta only allows users to exist in one group at a time
  • Users can only see the microapps in their group

Adding Users

Roles and Permissions

  • To make edits to roles and customize permissions, go to User Management and click on View Roles & Permissions
  • There you will see all roles that have been created.  You can create a new role by clicking the black button on the top left
  • To revise any of the customizations of roles or groups, click the pencil icon


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