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Dynamic instances enable you to tailor specific areas of your microapp with personalized text or images. This means you can create your own dynamic templates, cut down on rogue reps by letting team members only edit specific material, and show your customers how much you’re listening with tailored collateral.


For instance (pun intended), your company may use a sales microapp to showcase your product to prospective customers. You want the microapp to be a personal experience that connects directly with each customer, so you add information about their specific needs and data. In another program, this would require duplicating your presentation and editing the content to create a new presentation. But with dynamic instances, you can create a new “instance” of your existing microapp by editing only dynamic fields, streamlining the process so you can create as many variations as you have prospects without editing your original file.


To create dynamic instances, you'll first need to create a structure for your master instance in the builder. Then team members can create their own instances by editing the dynamic fields. 

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