VIDEO: Using Tiled's API


*Please note this feature is still considered beta

Your company might want to use Tiled in combination with your other software in a way specifically tailored to your workflow. For instance, you might want to send a microapp from the CRM you already use or view insights from microapps within your existing analytics program.

If you have a development team in place, you can create these custom workflows by using Tiled’s API. API, or Application Programming Interface, is a way for programs to share information between their servers online. Your engineers can use our API to connect Tiled’s system to yours via servers in order to unlock new functionality and workflows. Once you have this setup, your development team can choose the timezone the data should reflect. By default, all Tiled data is represented in UTC. 

To get started, refer them to our documentation.

If your company does not have developers capable of working with our API, check out our standard integrations and let us know at if you have any questions.


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