Installing Tiled for Salesforce


Note: Tiled for Salesforce is still in Beta.

To connect Tiled to Salesforce, you must meet two requirements. First, you must have a custom domain that has been deployed to your users, and second, you must be using Salesforce Lightning Experience to use the custom SharedMicroapp Lightning component.


Step 1

To get started, you’ll need to create a Tiled API Key. Navigate to the “Account settings” page from the upper right menu and add a new API key. Be sure to save this value somewhere, because you’ll need it later. 


Step 2

Then, visit your settings tab in Salesforce. Open the custom code tab and open the custom metadata types panel. Select “manage Tiled configs.” Choose “Tiled config” and then “new.” Add the API key from Tiled and the email of the Tiled user you want as your contact point in the API key and Default Tiled user fields, respectively. “Label” and “Tiled config name” can be whatever you want to call them. 


Step 3

Once you’ve filled out your fields, navigate to the security tab and choose “remote site settings.” Here you’ll add as a trusted domain. 


Step 4

At this point, your integration should be up and running. But, you can take optional steps to collect further information like microapp opens or engagement scores in your Salesforce console. To do this, open the developer’s console from the gear icon in the upper right. Go to debug and choose open execute anonymous window. Then type the following command and hit execute. 




To verify this has been performed correctly, go to environment -> jobs -> scheduled jobs and make sure you see your two jobs scheduled to run. 


Step 5

Now that the integration is fully functioning, you’ll want to add Tiled components to your lead or contact pages. To do this, create a “lightning record page” for lead and contact and add the custom shared microapp component that should be available to you. This will allow you to preview a microapp and copy a personalized share link to a microapp directly from a Lead or Contact.


You can also add the Shared Microapp object to both the Lead and Contact by editing their Record Pages and adding the Shared Microapp Related List. Doing this will provide details about which microapps were shared with a particular Lead or Contact directly from the record.

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