VIDEO: Substitution Tags


Use when: you want to mass share in a platform that will allow you to collect viewer identities.


What it is:  Substitution tags, or subtags, provide the same benefits as a direct share for microapps sent in from email platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Outreach. Subtags work by passing recipient names to our system so they can be identified in viewer activity. In order to work properly, subtags need to be formatted for your email platform. Because of this, subtag URLs are unique for each microapp and platform, but they aren't different each time they are generated like other share links. The link will become unique once your recipient's name and email is passed through.  

How to use: To share a microapp using subtags, select the platform you use and copy the link. Then attach the link in your email via hyperlink or html. 

If you don't see the system you use, want to know about more advanced applications, or have any other questions, get in touch at for assistance from our team. 

Note: if you want to send an email directly to a few specific users or through Tiled, you might want to use a direct share link. If you do not know the email addresses of your audience, try using a public link.

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