Offline Microapp Access (Downloading a microapp to your device)


Offline Microapps DO NOT support embed or script tiles. Embed and script tiles require internet connectivity in order to load the contents of these tiles.


If you have a Tiled account, you can download microapps for offline viewing from the Tiled mobile app. When you first open your library, you'll see your microapps covers are faded. This means they have not been downloaded to your device and are only available for viewing online.



Once you open your microapp with an internet connection, it will automatically start to download. If the microapp is particularly large, you will receive a message like the one shown below. You will need to stay inside your microapp until it is completely downloaded to make sure your assets are fully cached, so make sure you have a few minutes if your microapp contains many videos.


From inside your microapp, you can monitor its progress to see how much left it has to download. Just pinch out and check the blue bar along the top of the screen.


If your microapp has videos, you can check their download progress as well. Videos that are not yet downloaded will have an empty circle in the corner as shown on the bottom two videos below. As they download, that circle will indicate their progress and disappear when it is done.




If you exit the microapp before caching is complete, you’ll see the same download-in-progress icon to remind you to come back and finish later. And don’t worry — if microapps you don’t use anymore are taking up too much space on your device, you can remove downloads by tapping the three dots in the corner and stay in your library until you need them again.



Once your microapp has fully downloaded, it will be shown in full color on the main page and be available for offline viewing. Go ahead, try it out. We think it will be much easier to tell when your microapps are downloaded so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time closing deals.




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