Getting Started with Tiled for XD


If you're using Tiled for the first time, you might want to download our business card tutorial file to create your first microapp. Then, follow along with our videos to build, ship, and measure your microapp's performance. In this guide, we'll be using the Tiled plugin for Adobe XD. If you haven't already, download Adobe XD, do it here

To make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the plugin, tap the three dot menu next to the plugin name and choose "manage plugins."


Building a Microapp

Tips for building your microapp:

  • To create multiple adaptive formats in the same document, select the artboards for one format and choose that format to sync to. If you sync the whole document, both sets of artboards will sync as assets to the format you selected.
  • Prototype links from one page to another can be added and synced in XD. Links to assets or external pages need to be added in Tiled. 
  • Hotspots, pages, and assets created in XD will sync to Tiled. Changes made to your microapp in Tiled will not sync back to XD. 
  • Feedback left in the Tiled mobile app will sync to your XD file. 


Sharing Your Microapp


Learn from Insights

Now you're ready to create whatever you want using Tiled! To learn more about building microapps, explore our other articles on tiles and the builder. 

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