How To Add Users Manually


As an Admin, you have the ability to add single users manually, or a group of users via CSV.

This guide will walk you through how to add individual users.


Open User Management

Go to your account and click on the circle in the top right where your initials are

Click on User Management:


Once on the User Management page you will see a list of all groups that have been created in the account.

To add a new user, click on the black box with the ‘+’ sign on the far right side of the page:


Create New User

If you need to create a new group for the user, do that first.  Otherwise, click New User:


Complete the form with the new user’s name, email and role

  • Admin: ability to manage users, groups, categories and account settings
  • Editor:  ability to edit, share microapps
  • Base User:  ability to view microapps that are shared to their specific group


Choose which group they are to be added to.

Note: We also recommend that the option to send a Welcome Email is enabled.

If you have any questions or technical difficulty, please submit a support request to

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