Best Practices for Organizing and Designing Your Content


 Organize Your Content

  • Create an outline of the content topics and information that needs to be included
  • Decide what information needs to be placed in each section
  • List the visual assets that you want to include in each section (ex. images, videos, scrolling etc)
  • Determine what the navigation menu will consist of 

Design The Microapp

  • Navigation Considerations
    • Include a navigation menu on each page
    • Align menu or navigation on the left as a sidebar with short headlines and bullet points to the right
    • Use a highlight or underline on each page to indicate which section of the navigation is selected
    • If you want your page to read more like a website, put important icons and buttons in the corners and navigational information along the top or bottom horizontal areas of the page
  • Text Considerations
    • Utilize font size to highlight important information or headlines
    • Use negative space to your advantage
    • Various typeface can emphasize different information
    • Consider the impact of bright colors vs muted colors as well as the color itself
  • Icon / Shape Considerations
    • Can be used to create buttons, navigational prompts and visual elements
    • Samples may be found and used in your design tool 
    • Logos, street signs and dashboard symbols all provide inspiration
  • Pages and States Considerations
    • Plan states of your pages to break up information and allow users to explore at their own pace.
    • Adding buttons between states will also give you more insights into what content your audience is interested in and can be viewed in Tiled's pathway analytics
    • Designing a scrolling asset can help declutter and organize text heavy pages
    • Galleries are a great way to provide step by step instructions or examples
  • Creating Dynamic and Interactive Layers with Tiles in the Gallery
    • For transparent backgrounds or overlays, export the slides as a PNG instead of a pdf so you can adjust the opacity
    • Transparent layers imported as PNGs can also be included in scrolls with image backgrounds, stacked on top of videos or used in borderless galleries.
    • Image galleries and scrolls make static items interactive through movement 
    • Place videos or motion graphics behind titles to create dynamic cover pages
    • Include hotspots to link to videos

For additional resources and articles on designing microapps, check out our Blog or our Getting Started for Editors



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