Enabling Broadcasting Functionality for your Company Account - Admin Guide


The broadcast feature within Tiled is a great way  to present a microapp during a live, online session and allow participants to engage with the microapp directly in real time.

By generating and sharing a link directly from the microapp, the host can enable participants to join a microapp broadcasting call, view the microapp and co-browse through the microapp while the host is presenting and facilitating the conversation.  Afterwards, the pathways that users took through the microapp during the live session can be viewed by the presenter in their engagement analytics in Tiled.

NOTE:  At this time, broadcasting is not available through the Native App, however, one can still utilize a tablet and access their Tiled account through the browser to use the broadcasting feature. 

Enable the broadcasting feature in your Tiled account:

In order for your users to access the broadcasting feature, you must submit a support ticket requesting it to be enabled for the company-wide account. 

When submitting the ticket, please include:

  • the name of your company as you would like it to appear in the custom URL string
  • the user Groups (under User Management) that need access to the broadcasting feature



Once you receive confirmation from Tiled Support that the broadcasting feature is enabled, you can review those setting as follows:

From your profile icon, go to Account Settings 



  • Under Custom Room URL, you will see the account name as it is captured in the URL string



Once the Broadcast feature is enabled in the Account Settings:

  • Share this Broadcasting Feature guide so they can set up their own personal broadcast
  • A template to customize the guide for your end users can be found HERE.  Just make a copy of the document and edit as you see fit.
  • Make sure users log out and then log back into Tiled for the feature to be enabled in their account.

Now that a user has this feature enabled, they can take the following steps to create their own custom-room url for synced presentations:

  • Go to your profile button in the top right-hand corner and click on Profile
  • In the pop-up box, enter your name in the ‘Custom room url (for synced presentations)’ field
  • Click ‘Update Account’ at the bottom


To learn how to begin your first broadcasting session, follow this guide:

How to Use Tiled Broadcasting Functionality

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Tiled Support.


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