Navigating the Tiled Library


The Tiled Library page is the main web page that is displayed when you first log into Tiled. The page lists all of your microapps sorted into categories. 

Note: The main features of the Tiled Library are outlined in color for identification in this article. 


  • The Tiled Navigation Bar (outlined and marked with a green 1) allows you to access different features of the Tiled application. This navigation bar can be accessed from all Tiled pages, other than the microapp editor. 
  • The Tiled Header (outlined and marked with a green 2) displays your user account name. Additionally, admins have the ability to modify the banner image for all users in your company.
  • The Tile Library Bar (outlined and marked with a red 3) provides tools for finding, sorting and creating your microapps, as well as editing your microapp categories. These tools are described in further detail in this article.
  • The Tiled Library (outlined and marked with a yellow 4) is where the microapps in your library are displayed, allowing you to edit and manage them as needed. Use the browser navigation bars to view all of the apps in your library. By default, the library is sorted into microapp categories. Any apps not given a category are placed in the Uncategorized category by default.  

Searching for microapps

Using the Tiled Search feature, you can find microapp titles that match your search string. Click the Search (Search_Icon.png) icon to open the search bar. 


Enter the desired search string. The microapps whose titles match the string are displayed below. 

Sorting your microapps

The Tiled Sorting feature allows you to sort your microapps by category, by date updated, or alpha-numerically. Click the sort icon (Sort_Icon.jpg)and select the desired sort from the drop-down list.


The Tiled Library organizes the microapps as specified. 

Organizing by category

Clicking the Category (Category_Icon.jpg) icon opens the Edit Categories function. 


This allows you to create categories for your microapps, and then you can drag and drop your microapps into the desired categories. When finished, click Done Editing.

For more information about Categories, see Creating and Managing Microapp Categories.








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