Viewing a Microapp via Broadcast


Customers presenting a microapp have the option to broadcast a live session. Presenters send users the web address of the broadcast, which they then open in a web browser on their device. From there, users can view and interact with the microapp in real time as if they were running the session on their own device. 

For more information about broadcasting a microapp session, see How to Use Tiled to Broadcast Live Sessions

Logging into a microapp broadcast

When a presenter provides a web address of a broadcast, typically via email, text message, or instant message, you can click on the link or enter it into a web browser. 


Note:  The PIN field is only displayed if the presenter specified that the broadcast is Private. 

Enter the name, PIN number if required, and optional email address and click Join Meeting

Once logged in they can do the following:

  • Watch the presenter use the microapp.
  • Listen to the presenter.
  • Interact with the microapp.
  • View other windows or screens from their device, if configured.
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