Enable Broadcasting Functionality

The Tiled broadcasting feature is a powerful tool that allows your users to present microapps during a live, online session that allows your customers to engage with the app directly in real time. 

This functionality must first be enabled on a site-wide level, and then the profile of each user must be configured individually. 

For more information about broadcasting a microapp session, see How to Use Tiled to Broadcast Live Sessions.

Review configuration settings

To enable the broadcasting functionality on a site-wide level, review the broadcast configuration settings by clicking the profile icon in the menu bar and select Account Settings


The Custom room url (for synced presentations) field lists the company account name as the base URL that is to be used as the web address for all Tiled broadcasts. Ensure that this URL is accurate. 

Once this is complete, then they can confirm configuration for their account from their Profile page. 

Configure user accounts for broadcasting

From the user profile page, enter the desired name of the room URL for the user, and click the Update Account button. 


We recommend using a user name or a department name for the room URL in order to better attribute analytic data from the broadcast session. 



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