Adding a Header


If you are an Admin user, Tiled allows you to customize the header in the Tiled application. Customizing your header is a great way to communicate your company’s brand to your users with a Tiled Account. 

Click the Edit Header button to access the controls allowing you to edit your header. When finished click the Done button. The image is then updated for all the members of your group. 


By default, the banner displays the user name associated with your Tiled account. Click the text to edit as desired. 

Upload an image

To upload an image, click the Image button and drag and drop an image file from your computer to the browser window. The image file can be a .jpg, .png, or .gif file. 

Change the overlay 

To change the overlay of your banner image, click the Overlay button and move the slider bar to modify the level of transparency of the image. 

Blur the image

To blur your banner image, click the Blur button and move the slider bar to blur or sharpen the image as you desire.


Note:  The recommended size for the header image is 1920x1080.

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