Updating your User Profile


The Tiled User Profile allows you to update your information in the Tiled application. To access your profile, click the User icon in the Navigation Bar of the Tiled application to open the menu, and then select Profile


Modify your user profile settings as needed and then click Update account. Changes are updated immediately. 


The name associated with your user profile. 


The phone number associated with your user profile.

Custom room url

The personal url suffix that is added to the end of the web address generated when broadcasting a microapp live session. 

Default Email Message

The default message that is sent when an email message is automatically generated by Tiled from your profile. 

Email Notification Preferences

The current email notification settings for your account. 

Recipient View

  • Slide to the right to enable notification for each time a participant views your microapp. 
  • Slide to the left to disable notification for participant viewing of your microapp.

Microapp publishing & updates

  • Slide to the right to enable notification whenever a microapp is published or updated. 
  • Slide to the left to disable notification of microapp publishing updates. 


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