Managing Microapps

This article covers topics related to managing and organizing microapps within a Tiled Library. You will find that managing your microapps into categories, is a great way to organize your library. 

Microapp Categories

Categories allow you to manage microapps within a Tiled Library. By default, new microapps are added to the category, Uncategorized. Microapps can be assigned to one or more categories.

Create a microapp category

To create a microapp category, open the Edit Categories panel by clicking the Category icon on the Tiled Library page. After modifying your categories, click Done Editing. To create a category from the Edit Categories page, click the New Category button.


Type the category name in the field, and click the Check button. The category is added to the Edit Categories panel and is designated a color. Once created, Tiled automatically designates a color to the category. On the Edit Categories page, each microapp displays colors in the microapp icon identifying which categories they are assigned to.

Edit microapp category names

To edit the name of a category, first click the category to edit it. Click the category name and edit the name as desired. Then click the Check icon when finished.

Delete a microapp category

To delete the category, first click the category to edit it. Then, click the Delete Category button.

Click OK on the confirmation window. The category is removed from the Microapp library.

Note: Tiled allows you to delete categories even when microapps are assigned to it. If one or more microapps are only assigned to the category being deleted, they are then classified as Uncategorized.

Reorder microapp categories

You can organize the order of your microapp categories by clicking and dragging the category to the desired position of your microapp.

Managing Microapps

Add a microapp to a category

To add a microapp to a specific category, click on the desired microapp icon and drag it to the desired category. Once assigned, the color(s) of the category it is assigned to is displayed in the microapp icon.


Remove a microapp from a category

To remove a microapp from a category it has already been assigned to, click the desired category to edit it.


Click the X button to the right of the microapp name. The microapp is removed from the category. If not part of any category, the microapp returns to the Uncategorized category.

Delete a microapp

Deleting a microapp will premaritally delete the microapp from your Tiled Library, therefore before permanently deleting a microapp you should ask the following questions.

Is this microapp embedded anywhere important?

Think about how your microapp was used. Was it ever embedded on your website or inside another microapp? 

Who will be affected?

Sometimes microapps are utilized by different parts of an organization. Before deleting a microapp consider looking at the engagement stats of the microapp to make sure no one has been actively been using it.

Does this belong in the 'Archive'?

Even though you may not be using a microapp, keeping the work done within a microapp might be worth preserving in the archive. Remember, deleting a microapp will mean it's gone forever. 

Now that you have considered the questions above, please use follow the instructions carefully to delete your microapp.

  1. Identify the microapp you intend to delete inside your Tiled microapp library.
  2. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the thumbnail of your microapp.
  3. Click "Archive" from the menu. Selecting "Archive" will move your microapp from the category it currently lives into a new category called "Archive".
  4. Identify your microapp in the Archive category, and select the 3 dots in the top right corner once more.
  5. Click "Delete" from the menu.



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