Creating and Designing Scroll Canvases on Microapp Pages


The Scroll Tile allows you to create a Scroll Canvas on a page, state or overlay that can be designed, customized and include its own hotspots, states, images and videos. It allows you to create content that stretches beyond the bounds of a microapp page, where your viewers engage with the tile dynamically by moving it horizontally or vertically. Once you have placed a Scroll Tile on the page, you can add the background asset to it, and then add additional assets and other tiles onto the Scroll Canvas. 

In order for the Scroll Tile to import and perform as desired within the Builder, the original asset must be designed longer or wider than your standard artboard.  

Navigate to the desired page of your microapp in the Microapp Builder. Drag a Scroll TileScroll_Icon.jpg ) from the Tiles panel to the desired location on the page, where you can resize it to your specifications or needs.  

Individually drag your asset from the Assets section of your Builder toolbar to the Scroll Tile or the outline section of your Gallery toolbar. The Scroll settings provide a window where you can view the entire Scroll Canvas. 

Scroll Settings Options

The Scroll Tile settings allow you to configure the following options for your Scroll Tile.


Scrolling Direction

Click the drop-down list and select the desired direction, Vertical or Horizontal, which you want your viewers to scroll the Scroll Tile.

Maintain scroll position
Maintains the position on the scroll tile even after the viewer navigates to another state or page.

Editing the Scroll Canvas 

To add additional assets or other Tiles to the Scroll Canvas, click the Edit Scroll Canvas link to open the Editing Scroll Canvas page. 

From the scroll canvas, you can add additional assets to the canvas, allowing you to create dynamic content within the scrolling content for any viewers. 

When finished, click the Back button. 

Adding States to the Scroll Canvas

From the Scroll Canvas, you can add States so viewers can scroll between states in the Scroll Tile for the specified microapp page. 

Click the Add State button at the bottom of the Scroll Canvas to add an additional state to the canvas. You can then edit it as a State. For more information, see Adding States to your Microapp Pages.



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