Adding Assets to your Microapp



Typically Microapp Editors create the videos, images, and other design elements outside of Tiled using programs like Photoshop, PowerPoint, Sketch, and Adobe XD. These files are then imported into your Tiled microapp as an asset. 

Each microapp has its own asset library that contains all of the assets to be used in your microapp, allowing you to easily use and reuse images and videos throughout the pages, states and overlays in your microapp. You can find the asset library in the Assets Panel of the Microapp Builder. 


You can sort assets by name or date. Additionally, you can enter the name of the desired asset to locate it in the Assets Panel. 

Adding an image to the Assets Panel

You can add the following image and video files to your Asset Panel:

Image file types:

.pdf,  .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpg.

Video file types:

.mov, .mp4.

To add files to the Assets Panel, do one of the following:

  • Click the icon to access the Open dialog. Navigate to the desired location and select the files you want to add to the Asset Panel. 
  • Drag your image files from a location on your computer to the Assets Panel, and drop them there. 

Once added to the Assets Panel, you can add assets to Image Tiles, Video Tiles, Gallery Tiles, and the Background.

Asset Size Considerations

Tiled has no maximum file size for assets or microapps, so you can make your microapp as expansive as you want. If you are making a large microapp, especially with large sized images and videos, the performance of your microapp may be affected for your viewers, who may experience loading and lagging issues. For best performance, Tiled recommends keeping the total size of your microapps under 300 MB. 

For optimal video performance, Tiled recommends that the size of individual video assets does not exceed 10 MB and that the total size of all video assets is not greater than 50 MB. Additionally, Tiled recommends the following:

  • Compress all of your videos before they are imported into Tiled.
  • Ensure that videos used as backgrounds and motion graphics do not exceed 10 MB.
  • If using longer/larger videos in your microapp, do not turn on the Autoplay setting to accommodate load times. 

If your microapp exceeds these recommendations, Tiled recommends that the microapp is downloaded to a local device for viewing to mitigate some of the lagging and loading issues that your viewers may experience. 

Deleting an Asset from the Assets Panel

To delete an asset from the Assets Panel, right-click the asset and select Delete. The asset is deleted from the Asset Panel. 

Note: Make sure that any assets that you delete are not currently being used in the microapp. If you delete an asset that is used on a page, state, or overlay, the image or video is deleted.  


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