How to Embed a Microapp in another Microapp


Tiled allows you to embed an existing published microapp within another microapp through the Embed Tile.  This provides flexibility in the design and content of microapps, as well as keeping microapps to a manageable size.  Viewers are able to have access to a wider range of microapps without having to navigate away from the microapp they were originally shared.  

Embedded microapps function just like the microapp it is embedded in and captures viewer engagement and analytics.

First you must create a Standard Public link for the source microapp you want to embed, which you can create on the Public tab of the Share window for the microapp. Alternatively, you can generate a direct share link for a specific individual.  For more information, see (Viewing your Microapp Shares - coming soon)

From the destination microapp, you must then use the Embed Tile. Navigate to the desired page of your microapp in the Microapp Builder. Drag the Embed Tile Screen_Shot_2020-08-07_at_12.06.30_PM.png ) from the Tile panel to the desired location on the page, where you can resize it to your specifications or needs.


In the Embed Link field, paste the Standard Public link or the Direct Share Link for the source microapp. The source microapp is now displayed in the Embed Tile. 

Delete an Embed Tile

To delete a Embed Tile, ensure that the tile is selected and press the DELETE key. 





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