Using the Embed Tile


Tiled allows you to embed websites, forms, and other microapps, as well as publicly shared PDF's and anything that has iframe capabilities.

To use the Embed Tile, just drag the Embed Tile ( Screen_Shot_2020-08-07_at_12.06.30_PM.png  ) from the Tile panel to the desired location on the page, where you can resize it to your specifications or needs.


Then, drop in the link to the resource you want to embed.  

NOTE:  All embeds are subject to the CORS policy of that particular site you are embedding.


For more information on our Google Form, Google Script and Data Studio tiles, go to Embedding Google Forms and Sheets in your Microapp.

To learn how to embed other microapps, go to How to Embed a Microapp in another Microapp.

For tips on embedding shareable PDF's from Google Drive, go to How to Embed a PDF in a Microapp.

Delete an Embed Tile

To delete a Embed Tile, ensure that the tile is selected and press the DELETE key. 

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