How to create a new Adobe CC library and sync content


How do I create an Adobe CC asset library?

1. Go to the asset library page by clicking the asset library icon in the top right hand corner



2. Select + New Library from the left side panel

You will see an option to create a new Tiled asset library or Adobe asset library



3. Select Adobe Library

You will be redirected to login page where you can log in to your Adobe CC account.



4. Sign In

You will be redirected back to your asset library and see a pop up modal to select the Adobe CC library you want to sync to Tiled

5. Select the Adobe CC library you want to sync from the dropdown and click Sync

You will see the selected Adobe CC library created and appear on the left side panel as well as the assets (if any) appear in the library



How do I see newly added assets from my Adobe CC account in my Tiled Adobe CC asset library?

1. Select your synced Adobe CC asset library

2. Click the blue Update button in the top right

You will see any new assets synced over since the last update


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