How to Add Multiple Users with User Management


As an Admin, you have the ability to add single users manually, or a group of users via CSV.

This guide will walk you through how to add multiple users.

Before you start you should read the following User Management articles:

1. Go to User Management

2. Click on the black box with the ‘+’ sign on the far right side of the page


You will see a pop-up modal to add a new user, new group, or import multiple users.

3. Click Import Multiple Users


You will see a new pop up modal appear

4. Download a blank CSV template or upload your pre-created CSV file


Note: You can select default group and default role if your CSV does not have those columns filled out for each user. Pre-existing groups and roles will only appear in the drop-downs.

Note: By default, the Welcome Email option is enabled. We also recommend that the option to send a Welcome Email remains enabled.

5. Add or edit users by uploading the CSV file with user info such as names, roles, and groups


Note: Name, email, group, and role are case-sensitive.

  • If groups and roles in the CSV do not match existing groups and roles, users will be added without a group or role. If a default group and role were selected in the modal, users will be added with the default selections
  • If a user's email pre-exists in a Tiled account, the user will not be added

You will receive a confirmation modal letting you know how many users were added successfully and if there were any errors


Note: If there are any errors you will be able to download unsaved users

If you have any questions or technical difficulty, please submit a support request to

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