How to configure video controls


Videos that are uploaded to Tiled can be configured to show controls. This way viewers can dictate their experience with the video without missing a thing. 

To learn more about how to add a video to a video tile click here
To learn more about compressing the size of your video click here

Note: You must be an Admin/Editor to configure the video player for uploaded videos

1. Go to the builder 

2. Add a video tile to the canvas


3. Select and drag a video that has been uploaded to the asset panel (asset or libraries tab) to the video tile


4. Select 'Show Controls' from the video tile flyout 'Action' dropdown


5. Preview/View your microapp


Note: The viewer will now see video controls for the video. The viewer will be able to play/pause, rewind or fast forward as they please. 

Note: These controls will only appear when viewing the the microapp on desktop or mobile browser. The native app will continue to work as it does today with its own controls.

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