Tiled plugin: How Tiled plugin syncing works within Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch


General Syncing

1. Artboards or frames

  • Artboards or frames are synced as microapp assets. However, the artboards or frames that match the size of the microapp adaptive format will also be used to create microapp pages (the assets will be configured as background images for the pages).

2. Prototype links will sync over as Tiled hotspots

Smart Syncing

*'Smart Syncing' does not apply to Figma at this time

1. Cover image

  • The plugin will detect the artboard or frame size that matches the Tiled cover image (252x112) and sync it as an asset as well as automatically configure it as a microapp cover in Tiled

2. Unsynced artboards or frames

  • The plugin will detect the artboard size and pre-select the adaptive format it matches to

3. Previously synced artboards or frames

  • The plugin will remember the adaptive format it was previously synced to, at the artboard or frame level, (not the design file level)


  • If you create an artboard or frame that has the same aspect ratio as a microapp adaptive format, but the dimensions are not exact, the following will happen:
    • The plugin will not be able to detect and pre-select the adaptive format in the sync modal
    • The artboard or frame will still come over to Tiled as a page (this is assuming the adaptive format exists in your microapp)

For more information on syncing, check out the Tiled plugin syncing FAQ

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