Add the Tiled Share Link Domain to HubSpot Analytics

In order to properly utilize the HubSpot integration in Tiled, you must make sure your HubSpot account is set up to receive microapp traffic information correctly.

Adding to Traffic Analytics:

1. In your HubSpot Account, go to Settings.

2. Along the Settings left-hand navigation bar, select the Tracking & Analytics dropdown >> Tracking Code

3. On the Reports & Analytics Tracking page, select the Advanced Tracking tab

a. Within the Additional site domains section, select +Add domain

b. Type “” and Add


Creating a Custom Report for Microapp Traffic:

1. In your HubSpot Account, select the Reports tab >> Reports 

2. Select Create custom report (top right)

3. What do you want to report on? Select Custom Report Builder box

4. Check box the Contacts and Web activities objects (at minimum), click Next

5. Now in the builder, from the Web activities data source, add URL and Timestamp properties as filters.


6. In the Filters tab, update the filters to display Page views URL contains any of “” and if you’d like a date range, Page views Timestamp [update to your preferred time frame]


7. In the Configure tab, drag and drop the Web activities URL, Timestamp, and Count of page views properties in the axis/breakdown fields to display your data as desired. (examples shown below)





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