How to configure multiple videos to play simultaneously


You can leverage the video tile to create a highly interactive experience for your microapps by configuring multiple videos to play simultaneously. 

Note: The mobile app supports auto-playing multiple videos as well, however, you may experience differences for video URLs depending on your device type (ios and android).

  1. Add more than one video tile to the same microapp page
    Note: Your videos can be a mix of uploaded video assets or URL links (Youtube and Vimeo)
  2. Add an uploaded video or video URL link to your video tiles
  3. Select the 'Autoplay' setting from the video flyout
    Note: You can also select additional settings and actions depending on your needs like 'Sound on'
  4. Preview your microapp to ensure your microapps are playing simultaneously (with or without sound)
    Note: You can also have multiple videos playing on a page, page state, scroll tile, scroll state, or overly
    Note: If you have single or multiple videos configured with sound, the browser will dictate whether the video will play with sound
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