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What is Multi-Library?

Multi-Library is a new configuration of Tiled available to customers in the Enterprise Tier and above. It allows for much greater flexibility and team enablement within Tiled by providing the ability for users to be part of multiple libraries with different permissions in each one. 

For example, a user could be a Base User in Library 1 but have full administration rights in Library 2.

What are some ways I would use it?

The Multi-Library functionality adds several different schemas with which to utilize your Tiled account. A few them include:

  • The ability to have several unrelated teams or departments using a single organization Tiled account without impacting one another. You would simply add users from the same department to their library and everyone can use the Tiled application seamlessly 


How do I add a new library?

NOTE: Only Account Admins can add new libraries.

Adding a new library is as simple as clicking a button. On the left nave bar, click the "Create Library" button.


This will bring up the create library pop-up, where you can name your new library (this name can always be changed in the "Library Settings"). Once you have named your library and, optionally, changed it's library avatar. Click "Create"



Your new library will appear at the bottom of the list of libraries in the left nav bar.


How do I change a Library's logo?

A libraries logo can be changed in 2 places. First, when creating a library, you have the option to change the logo. Simply hover over the pre-made icon and click to upload a new logo (Note, the dimensions need to be 150x150 px)


Second, under a given libraries settings, you can select "Change" under customer library avatar.



How do I delete a library?

For now, a user cannot delete a library from the UI, if you have a business case where a library needs to be completely removed, please create a support ticket ( and our support team can assist.

How do I add users to the account?

Users can be added to the account in two ways.

Option 1: Manually

  • Account Admins have the option to manually add users via the Account Settings -> User Management tab



    On this page, Account Admins can click the blue Plus icon in the top right to add users to the account:
    This will bring up the Create New User Modal. The admin will need to specify a name, an email, and at one or more libraries to add the user to. (Note: at least one library is required, and users will be added initially as base users. This can be modified later from the same User Management Screen.)

    There is also the option to make the user an Account Admin, only select this if you want the user to have full account access and administration rights.


Option 2: Via SSO

  • The other option is for users to be created automatically via SSO. 
  • First you will need to enable SSO on the Account General Settings:

    • mceclip5.png

    • mceclip6.png

  • Once you enabled SSO, make sure all the relevant SSO info is filled out. 

  • Next, make sure you have enabled Auto Provisioning new users (down the page slightly)

    • mceclip7.png

  • This will ensure that new users will be placed into a default library if one is not specified in your externally SSO directory

How do I add or remove users from libraries?

Once a user is added to the account, you can easily modify their library access. 

Option 1: Via Account User Management

  • If you want to modify a single user's access, the best option is via the Account User Management page:

    • mceclip2.png

  • Simply click the side arrow next to the user's name to expand the user and see what libraries they already have access to, as well as their roles in those libraries. 

    • mceclip9.png

  • From here you can either add them to additional libraries or remove them from one or more libraries via the "X" icon on the right

    • mceclip10.png

    • mceclip11.png

Option 2: Via the Library Users page

  • Alternatively, if you want to add one or more users to a single library, the best way is from the "Users" page of the library you want to add users to. (Note: in order to add users to a library, they must first be in the account.)

  • Select the blue plus icon and select "Add User" to bring up the add user wizard


  • Select one or more users from the list and click "Next"

  • You then choose a group or role to add them to. To finalize, select the "Add "X" users" button and they will be added to the library.

How do I add a custom role?

The ability to add customer roles and modify existing roles has been removed.

How do I see ALL my library analytics?

Account admins can see a high-level view of all the account's library analytics via the Account Settings -> Library analytics page:



This shows the top level stats for every library in the account:




If you want to drill down further, each of the library's names are links to that specific library's engagement page:




How do I clone (duplicate) a microapp to another library?

  • Cloning a microapp is a simple as a few button clicks, to start, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the microapp you want to duplicate, then click the "Duplicate" option.


  • Then select one or more libraries that you want to duplicate the microapp into and click "Duplicate"

  • The microapp will then appear, unpublished, in the selected libraries. 

  • NOTE: while it will look the same, this is a completely separate microapp, similar to making a copy of a document. Thus, changes to the original microapp will not populate in the duplicates and vice versa.
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