Create Dynamic Elements

Before you can create personalized instances of your microapp, you will have to make your microapp dynamic by creating dynamic elements and tiles that will be part of your microapp.

To do this, navigate to the microapp settings modal in the builder and choose the 'Personalization' tab to start creating dynamic elements within your microapp.

Creating dynamic elements

1. Click 'Get Started' and select from one of the three dynamic elements you want to create

Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_3.44.56_PM.png       Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_3.47.09_PM.png

2. You will see a screen where you can configure dynamic elements and add new dynamic elements
3. Name your dynamic element
4. Add default values (optional, but a best practice)

4a. Directly type in the text field to set the default value

Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_3.55.02_PM.png       Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_3.56.37_PM.png

4b. Upload an image from your device or paste a URL link for the default value


4c. Pick the source type (upload or URL)
4d. Upload a video from your device or paste a URL link for the default value

Note: The source type selected determines the way you can add a default value as well as how instance creators can add video assets, unlike dynamic image tiles. For example, if the source is uploaded here, the instance creator can only add a video asset by uploading from their device and vice versa.


Note: You will notice that your default value for each dynamic element is displayed in two places. If the dynamic element is expanded the default value will display below. If it is not expanded the default value will display to the right.

Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_4.00.18_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_4.00.30_PM.png        

Creating dynamic tiles

1. Exit out of the microapp settings modal and start adding one of the three tiles we created dynamic elements for (text, image, and video).
2. When viewing the tile flyout you will see a new CTA 'Make this dynamic'. Turn the toggle on.
3. A dropdown will appear with all of the tile-related dynamic field names you created.


Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_5.28.28_PM.png                       Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_5.28.57_PM.png



Note: When we created this dynamic field for video, we chose to upload a video file from our device. This also means in the video flyout, the editor can only access the file configuration tab.
4. Finish configuring each tile using the flyout as normal




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