Account Settings: Tag Management

Use Tag Management to better organize your microapps across libraries. Tags are a great way to categorize microapps by content type, industry or any other terms that will help you and your team remain organized. Tags created in this area will be available to use in all of the Libraries within your Tiled account.

There are 3 types of microapp tags however the Tag Management settings will only show Account Tags and Auto Tags. For more information on Library tags check out this article.

Tag Rules

  • All tags are forced lowercase.
  • Only alpha-numeric values are accepted.
  • A Library Tag can not match an existing Account Tag.
  1. Account Tags can only be created in the Account Settings. Once created, the Account Tags will be visible in all Libraries (unless deleted in the Library Settings).
  2. Library Tags can only be created in the Library Settings. Tags created from here will only be visible in the library they are created in.
  3. System Tags are created by Tiled and are automatically assigned to microapps that meet a set of criteria. Auto tags and their rules can not be modified and are reserved for the Auto tagging feature.
Tag Tag Criteria
personalization Applied to microapps if a Dynamic Field is created in the microapp settings
desktop Applied if a Mobile format for a microapp is published
mobile Applied if a Desktop format for a microapp is published
tablet Applied if a Tablet format for a microapp is published
draft Applied if there are no adaptive formats published

Add a Library Tag

  1. Select Account Settings > Tag Management.
  2. Select "Create a tag" or the Blue plus button.
  3. Name your tag.
  4. Click Create.