Common FAQ's

Does Tiled allow for multiple live collaborators at once on the same project?

Tiled does not allow for multiple collaborators within the Tiled builder at the same time. That said, the majority of the time creating a microapp occurs in a design tool like Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch - all of which allow for real-time collaboration.

Is it possible to use custom URL for the projects? If so, can I host it on our server?

Tiled does not support custom domains at this time. All microapps and their content are hosted with Tiled in order to remain SOC2 compliant.

Is there a PowerPoint plugin?

We do not have an integration with PowerPoint by design. As an interactive content platform, we've chosen to focus on integrating with the best UI/UX tools. Building microapps in PowerPoint tends to be more cumbersome than designing in a tool like Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch - and that is mostly because PowerPoint is a presentation tool not a design tool. Despite our strong recommendation to use a design tool, we still have satisfied customers that use PowerPoint to create microapps. To create a microapp from a PowerPoint you will need to export every slide as a .png and manually uploaded it into the Tiled builder to layer in the interactivity. Changes can't be "synced" like they can in a design tool, so any modifications to the design in PowerPoint after the microapp is created will need to be re-exported and re-uploaded into the Tiled builder.

Are microapps responsive?

By design microapps are not responsive - they are adaptive. Designers will have full control of microapp experiences per device and orientation. This may add to the time spent within the design phase, but it will give more control over the microapp experiences for devices the microapp is consumed on.