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Configure SSO for Google

Configuring SSO for Google is a great way to provide access to many users at once. Using Google to authenticate users is especially common for Tiled accounts with more than 50 users.

  1. Login to Tiled as an Account Admin.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings: General.
  3. Scroll down to Configure single sign-on (SSO) section, check Enable SSO or Force SSO. Checking the box to "Force SSO" will disable Tiled Local Authentication thus preventing the use of Tiled credentials in the event your authentication provider becomes unavailable.
  4. Google will be auto-selected.
  5. Add your Org Domain. This value should match the Domain in which your email is hosted. As the value that is input into this field will serve as our service provider entityID. All associated authentication requests must be associated with this setting. (If my email is help@example.com my Org Domain is example.com.)
  6. Click Update Google SSO Settings.
  7. The configuration is now complete. Please login to Tiled test your configuration.
  8. Next, find the Auto Provisioning section, just below the SSO settings.
  9. Check the Enable Auto Provisioning box. Select a required Default Role, Default Library and Default Group for new users. Your selections will be auto-saved as you update the options. (If you have not configured any groups, this option will not be selectable.)

Common Errors

Response Error Potential Fix
No Google authentication window is presented to me when I enter my domain. Or "You have browser popups disabled which is required to use Google Login. Please enable them temporarily."

Check to see if your browser is blocking popups.

Unknown domain. Please talk to your account admin.

Your Tiled account has not been configured for use with Google. Check to ensure you have entered the correct domain or contact your Tiled administrator.

Email is not recognized in the account. Please contact your account administrator.

The account domain you have attempted to authenticate with does not match the domain you entered in Step 5.

Check the account and domain you are attempting to authenticate with to make sure they match.

Data already exists. The Org Domain is already connected with a Tiled account.