Create an adaptive format microapp

Adaptive and responsive formats are two approaches used in design to optimize the user experience on tablet and mobile devices. While both techniques aim to make websites more mobile-friendly, they differ in their implementation and how they handle various screen sizes and resolutions. Microapps are adaptive, not responsive. This was an intentional decision to give greater control to designers about the tablet and mobile experiences they are creating.

Adaptive design involves creating multiple versions of a microapp tailored to specific device screen sizes. In other words, each adaptive format is designed independently, with its own layout and design elements. When a user accesses a microapp, the browser (or app) detects the device type and if an adaptive version is available will render the matching adaptive format.

Create an Adaptive Format

  1. In the Microapp Builder navigate to the Plus icon in the top left corner of the builder.
  2. Select the adaptive format you would like to create.
  3. Click Create Size.