Download a microapp as a PDF

This feature allows users to export specific instances of their microapps into a high-quality PDF document that captures the essence of the microapp at the moment of export.

  1. Log into your Tiled account
  2. Click any microapp in the Library to view
  3. Click the download icon in the toolbar to see your download options:
    1. Base users
      1. Download as a PDF 
    1. Admins and Editors
      1. Download microapp file
      2. Download as a PDF 
  1. Click Download as PDF
  2. Wait while the microapp begins downloading to your device
  3. Open your downloaded microapp

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 3.31.10 PM

NOTE  While the conversion process is quick, it is dependent on the size of the microapp. Very large microapps will take longer to process.


  1. My pdf export doesn’t represent the content of my microapp, is that expected?
    1. If you notice that your PDF file doesn’t have all the microapp pages (or maybe more), don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will make sure to investigate and assess the behavior of the export.
  2. How are the microapp pages, states, and overlays ordered in the PDF download?
    1. Microapps are meant to be non-linear, meaning you can build page that is linked to several pages, states and overlays. PDFs are linear and require an order hierarchy to organize your microapp. The order hierarchy will display all pages (and its states if there are any), and then all overlays. 
  3. How will GIFs, videos, and embedded web browsers display on the PDF?
    1. GIFs, videos, and embedded web browsers may or may not display a thumbnail depending on the security configuration of the embedded content.
  4. Can I download a personalized instance?
    1. Yes! If you have created an instance of a microapp with personalization, you will have the ability to download just that instance into a PDF.