Figma Plugin FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the Tiled plugin for Figma.

What is a page?

A page in Figma is a parent frame the same size as your microapp adaptive format. When synced these parent frames come over as pages or overlays for your microapp in Tiled. 

What is an asset?

An asset in Figma is a parent frame that is not the same size as your microapp adaptive format. When synced these parent frames come over as assets in the asset panel of the Tiled builder. 

Can I set and sync a cover image from the plugin?

Yes. You can set your cover image in one of two ways. 

  1. Click on the Add a cover image button and select a frame that matches the size of our standard cover image  504 x 224 px
  2. Click on the Add a cover image button and create a new cover image-sized frame from the plugin click the + Create new cover image button.

Once you have set your cover image, you will see the cover image thumbnail update. The next time you sync, you will see the cover image reflected in Tiled.

How many cover images can I set in a single design file?

You can only set a one cover image for each design file. It's best practice to have a design file for different microapps.

Are changes in the builder and in Figma bi-directional?

No. Your Figma file is the single source of truth. This means if you make changes in the Tiled builder and then sync your Figma design file, your Figma design will override any changes in the builder. 

Is there more than one way to create a tile?

Yes. You can create a tile in one of two ways.

  1. From the Home Screen, you can select a tile and follow the instructions to select a layer to convert. The plugin will automatically convert the layer into your desired tile.
  2. If you simply select a layer, the plugin screen will update to show you a list of tiles you can convert your layer. Note: Some tile options are disabled because the specific layer selected cannot be converted to that tile. 

What Figma text properties are supported by Tiled?

There are many text properties that can be configured on the Figma side. Not all of them can be synced over to Tiled. Use this support document to better understand which properties will sync over seamlessly to Tiled.

What will happen if I have multiple styles of text in a single text layer?

If a text layer contains more than 1 style for any of the below properties, only the first style will be taken and applied to all of the text in Tiled.

What does contextual navigation refer to in the Plugin?

Once you have selected the microapp adaptive size on the Welcome Screen, the plugin will use that information to understand which frames are pages and which frames are not.

If I have multiple adaptive sizes for my microapp, will the plugin work if I am working between adaptive size designs?

Currently, you will need to go back to the Welcome Screen and switch adaptive formats to make sure the plugin reflects the right screens and syncs your frames correctly. If you do not switch your adaptive format before working on a different adaptive format, the plugin will not present the right options on the screen for your frames. 

To switch adaptive formats:

  • Go to the Home Screen (click off of any frames)
  • Click the three-dot menu
  • Select Switch microapp
  • Select your desired adaptive format
  • Click Next 
  • Start designing for your adaptive format

Why do some tiles come over with their assets and not others?

Currently, only image and text tiles synced to the builder will contain their image and text values. The other tiles will be brought over as empty placeholder tiles (without assets). To stay up to date with tile  syncing behavior check this table.

Can I use components across in my designs before syncing to Tiled?

Yes! There are no issues with leveraging components across your designs.

Can components be converted to tiles?

Yes, as long as they live within a frame or shape.

What can I expect if I sync my component filled designs to  Tiled?

  1. If your component is on a page and not a tile, it will sync over as part of the background of your microapp sized frame.
  2. If your component is on a page and is a tile, it will sync over as a tile on top of your microapp sized frame and the tile asset will be in the asset panel in the builder. 
    1. If the component is used on more than one frame and has not been altered it will sync to tiled as a single asset for all the tiles.
    2. If the component is used on more than one frame but one or more have been altered, each altered component will come over as its own asset. 
  3. If your component is not on a frame or shape, it will not sync over.