Google Tiles

Tiled allows you to embed your existing Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Data Studio reports into pages of your microapp through the use of the Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio tiles. Embedded Google Forms and Sheets are automatically updated when changes are made to the source documents, so your microapp can remain static, but updated with your latest information.

Within your Microapps, you can add Google forms to help customize your experience.

Add a Google Form or Google Sheet

To begin, ensure that you have a shared link to the desired Google Form or Google Sheet. Navigate to the desired page of your microapp in the Microapp Builder. Drag a Google Form (  tile, Google Sheet tile, or Google Data Studio tile from the Tile panel to the desired location on the page, where you can resize it to your specifications or needs.

Google Forms

Paste the link to the Google Form, Sheet, or Data Studio report. The current document is displayed in the tile.  To ensure the link is working as desired, click the preview button.

Delete a Google tile

Select the Google tile containing the Google Form, Sheet or Data Studio tile, and press DELETE on the keyboard.