Import and export microapps

The Import/Export feature allows Tiled Admins and Editors to move microapps from one Tiled account to another. Importing and exporting is a great feature when using templates or working with multiple Tiled accounts, if you are a Creative Agency.

Export a microapp

  1. Login to the desired Tiled account you would like to download a microapp from.
  2. Click the three-dot menu for your desired microapp while in the microapp Library.
  3. Click the Download option from the dropdown.
  4. The download modal will appear and indicate your .tiled file will be emailed once ready.
  5. Check your email inbox and click the Download button.

Import a microapp

  1. Login to the desired Tiled account you would like to upload a microapp to
  2. Click the +New Microapp button in the microapp Library
  3. Click the Upload Microapp option from the dropdown
  4. The device's file finder will appear
  5. Select the .tiled file you downloaded and click the open button
  6. The upload modal will appear
  7. Select a library and click the Start Upload button
  8. Click the Close button once the upload is complete
  9. Refresh the page to see your microapp 

Moving away from the page and/or modal during the microapp upload will cause the upload to stop.

Can I open and view a .tiled file outside of the Tiled platform?

No, you will not be able to open a .tiled file on your device. An exported microapp (.tiled file) can only be selected for upload into a Tiled account. 



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