Searching for Microapps

After creating a handful of microapps, categories or even libraries you may be wondering how to readily access the microapps you are searching for. Every library has a powerful microapp search tool in order to help you find microapps quickly.

When searching for a microapp the search query will attempt to match with microapp names. The results of the search will reveal microapps across Groups and other Libraries. Although the search tool is accessible to all User Roles and Account types, the visible search results will be limited by Group or Library permissions.

For example, if a base user searches for "sales" the only results they will see will be microapps they have access to. Account Admins, on the other hand, will see all available search results since they have access to all Libraries and Groups.

Search Example

Use the image and table below to better understand the results in microapp search.



# Section Description
1 Search Query Find your microapp by typing a word or phrase in the search box.
2 Current Library Results Only microapps in the library you are searching from will be shown here.
3 Other Libraries Results Only microapps in other libraries that match your search will be shown here.



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