Engagement: Microapp Analytics

Microapp Analytics are a great way for users to gain insights into how a specific microapp's pages and adaptive formats are performing. Tiled users have the ability to compare and assess whether pages or adaptive formats need to be improved.

View Microapp Analytics


  1. Click the Engagement tab.
  2. Select a microapp from the Microapps Section.

Second option:

  1. From the Tiled Library page click the microapp menu Microapp_Menu_Icon__1_.jpeg icon.
  2. Select Insights

Understanding Microapp Analytics

Filtering Data

You can filter microapp analytics by a specific time frame such as Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days (default) or Last Year. This information can be exported to a CSV.

This filter will apply to Core Statistics, Most active users, Device usage and the usage map. The filter will not apply to Activity By Page, Recent Activity, User Feedback and Other Libraries.


Core Statistics

The Core Statistics provide a high-level overview of the performance of a microapp.


Most active users

This section will only highlight Tiled users that have accessed this microapp in the viewer.


Activity By Page

The Activity by page will show each Page Name, Views, and Avg. Duration of each page. The page thumbnails represent the most recent version of the page. This section is sorted by Avg. Duration descending by default, however you can sort by views as well.

Note: Average duration is calculated based on active duration. This means if a user is idle for over 5 minutes within the microapp, that idle time is not used to calculate average duration

Note: An arrow key will appear on the sort option being used indicating ascending or descending order.


If a microapp has more than one adaptive format their corresponding icons will all be listed in the top right-hand corner. Microapps with only one adaptive format will only see one option. Selecting the adaptive format will show the analytics for that adaptive view.


Recent Activity

You will see a list of recent activities by Tiled users for the microapp. From here you can select a recent Presented activity to get more information about that particular session; we call this pathway analytics. You will see an arrow icon indicating you can select the recent activity to drill down.


Pathway Analytics

Pathway analytics were designed to give you greater visibility into how a microapp is being consumed.


User Feedback

🔨 Feature under construction

This feature is currently undergoing further development. Check back for updates!

Other Libraries

If you have shared a microapp to other libraries using Internal share, an additional tab will appear to show high-level stats for this microapp.





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