Share a Password Protected Microapp

Password protection is a new feature within Tiled, allowing customers the ability to protect shared microapps using a password. This added layer of security helps ensure the intended individuals are viewing the microapp content. 

1. Select the share icon for a microapp in your library


Note: You will see the share modal appear with a new section for password protection

2. Choose the Direct, Public or Subtag tab and fill out the required fields

3. Create a password or have the system generate a password for you


Note: Direct shares will require an email address and password before sharing
Note: Public shares will require a share link name and password before sharing
Note: Subtag shares will require a password before sharing

4. Select 'Send Email' to share the microapp with the customer


Note: You can also select the copy link icon, to copy the share link and password in the event you want to share the microapp using a different method


Note: Your recipient will receive a shared email with the password and share link


Note: Your recipient will follow the link and be taken to a splash screen. The recipient will add their password and view the microapp
Note: If your recipient does not have access to the password they can contact the person who shared the microapp from the splash screen




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